It’s Time to Annihilate Mecca and Medina!

A class taught at Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia explained to aspiring military officers that the U.S. was at war with Islam. One teacher even proposed that the United States would eventually have to drop nuclear bombs on the Islamic holy cites of Mecca and Medina. The message from these courses is clear: “killing Muslims is okay, so don’t feel about it. If you don’t kill them first, they’ll kill you simply for being American. They’re all terrorists, even the women and children, so don’t mourn their dead if we ‘nuke em.”

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Full Cooperation = “Admitting” that I am a terrorist and a threat

Today marked the beginning of Congressman Peter King’s (R-NY) fifth hearing on “Muslim radicalism” in the United States. This hearing focused  on “Prislam” a term coined by King to refer to Islam practiced in the prison system. Rather than having a serious conversation of the many ills of the U.S. prison system (The U.S. is the country with the largest percentage of its population incarcerated), the hearing focused on how Islam has somehow “infiltrated” prison systems, causing prisoners to become even more dangerous. Or perhaps the discussion revolved around an absurd idea that Muslims are more likely to go to jail? Whatever the connection between Islam and the prison system was supposed to be, it was lost behind bigoted testimonies by non-experts and seemingly self-loathing Muslims. 

The few who actually had something of substance to say exposed the hearings for what they really were: bigoted attempts to allude the public from worrying about real issues such as the economy, U.S. foreign policy, racism, the prison system etc, and instead instill fear of Islam into the hearts of many so that the important issues could be avoided, or better yet, blamed on Muslims. 

Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of these hearings is that Peter King was known to be an avid supporter of Irish terrorist-group, the IRA. How does a supporter of terrorism lead a hearing on counter-terrorism efforts? Your guess is as good as mine. The hypocrisy is almost comical. 

It is important to say, however, that Peter King, doesn’t hate all Muslims; only most of them. Muslims that care about their civil liberties are despised by King, but right-wing, Zionist Muslims who say that Muslims are inherently hostile towards American values (unless they choose to praise all American government’s foreign policies, intrusion of privacy, as well as all the glories of free-market capitalism), like Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, are praised by Peter King. King and Jasser are personal friends and have contributed money to organizations founded by one another, so how is there no conflict of interest in Jasser’s testimony? Jasser seems to clearly be in it for the money: As long as he is the Muslim that bashes Muslims, he is the Muslim that gets a big paycheck from former AIPAC board member and avid Daniel Pipes supporter, Nina Rosenwald. 

Congressmen King continually says there is a lack of cooperation from Muslim communities, without giving numbers or specifying what cooperation entails. Although 79% of American mosques engage in inter-faith work, and 44% are reported to be involved in social justice endeavors, mosques and Muslims aren’t doing enough. Even when Muslims turn in an FBI informant who tried to stir-up support for a terrorist plot, they still aren’t cooperating!?!? It seems clear to me that “cooperation” for Mr. King means for Muslims to denounce their faith and say, “the Quran demands that we all watch baseball, eat apple pie, and praise America as a savior of global democracy.” 


Here is an extra for your reading enjoyment: The 6 dumbest things said at the Peter King Hearings:


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Hey kids, shooting Arabs is FUN!!!

Everyone loves vacation getaways: relaxation, beaches, shopping, and of course KILLING ARABS. You didn’t read the last activity incorrectly. Gush Etzion in Israel has become a popular tourist spot in which tourists are given the “opportunity” to shoot at “Arab terrorists” in simulated scenarios. Kids of all ages are welcome. In fact, the younger the better. No person is too young to know that the only good Arab is a dead one! What’s more fun than killing sub-human Arab and Muslim terrorists? 

Okay, queue and end to sarcasm. This “tourist” attraction is absolutely appalling. It promotes hatred and reinforces a perceived human hierarchy that places Arabs and Muslims near the bottom of the totem pole. Don’t worry though, these kinds of “attractions” don’t promote as much hate in young girl’s hearts as do tweets made by One Direction member Zayn Malik (sorry, I guess I didn’t really queue an end to the sarcasm)! How are you pro-peace if you are pro teaching little children how to fire guns at a perceived other? Absolutely despicable. 

They should know where they come from (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky)

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You’re a terrorist – That’s what makes you beautiful?

Apparently, listening to the boy-band “One Direction” makes you an American-hating jihadi terrorist.The worst part is, according to lunatic Debbie Schlussel, is that American teenage girls are being subconsciously recruited to become terrorists by  seemingly innocent, but (to the trained, psychotic eye) obviously anti-Western tweets by Muslim member of One Direction, Zayn Malik. Malik has had tweets wishing Muslims a Happy Ramadan and an easy fast. To people like Schlussel, Pamela Geller, and Robert Spencer those tweets actually mean: “Death to America, Allahu Akbar!” I can’t believe people actually take this woman seriously. At the end of the day though, this is a fun article to laugh at. I feel bad posting links to Schlussel’s page on this blog, but sit back and enjoy the paranoid racism that is somehow ignorantly hilarious. I never listened to this boy-band much before, but I am going to blast their songs in my car. Someone call the FBI, this must be subliminal terrorist recruitment!


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Hey kids, Arabs suck! Don’t you ever forget.

Some proponents of conservative federal austerity measures (i.e. Ron Paul, Gary Johnson) have proposed that a good way to reduce the national debt, is to cut the department of education. Education would be handed to states or private companies. After reading about recent happenings in Philadelphia and Texas, this seems like a horrible idea. 

Earlier this year, the Texas State Board of Education made headlines by trying to eliminate key American historical figures who were often viewed as skeptics of religion from textbooks (goodbye Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin,and Thomas Paine). The Texas State Board of Education is back in the news for further trying to elevate Christianity over all other ideologies while simultaneously degrading other non-Christian movements. This is exemplified by attempts to omit violent acts committed by Christians during the crusades while emphasizing violent events in Islamic history. Furthermore, the books also blame Arabs and Muslims (presented as essentially interchangeable terms) for the violence in the Mid-East peace process. The aim of these moves is to embed Pro-Israel and Anti-Muslim sentiments through lies in the mind of young children. 

If these are the steps made to reform education, I fear the hate, ignorance, and intolerance that will be planted in the minds of future American generations. 


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Tensions stemming from Islamophobia in Dearborn, Michigan

This past week saw two publicized incidents of Islamophobia in the nation’s most densely populated Arab-American center. The first, on Wednesday, saw a seeming act of bigoted arson in which an event center associated with a Dearborn mosque was burned and sprayed with anti-Arab graffiti. I think that it is no coincidence that this event occurred just days before the annual Arab International Festival in Dearborn. This festival often draws anti-Arab and anti-Islam sentiments, with fundamentalist groups protesting alongside the festivities, often not knowing the difference between Arabs and Muslims, or conflating both identities.

Remains of a Tuesday evening fire at a storage area in Dearborn. Photo taken Wednesday, June 13, 2012.

This seems to have happened again this year as a Christian “missionary” group once again targeted the festival, seemingly ignorant of the many Christian Arabs in the area. While many Arabs are Muslims (although only less than 1/5 of Muslims are Arabs), it somehow made sense to the leaders of this group to lead anti-Muslim demonstrations at an Arab festival. (I wonder if this group also targets Indonesian or South Asian festivals as these regions actually have the highest  number of Muslims in the world).  As expected, there were a series of ugly exchanges from protesters and festival-goers. While many of the festival-goers did react disrespectfully, one cannot completely blame them. They live in a society where they cannot peacefully celebrate their own roots. They cannot embrace America’s “melting pot” rhetoric. Their city is under constant scrutiny, and some may identify as  Arab without identifying as Muslim, which given by the circumstances of the protests, seems to be an absurdity to many who don’t know whether they oppose Arabs or Muslims or which one of these “insults” they should direct at Barack Obama.

While these anti-Arab/Muslim/diversity groups have the right to exercise freedom of speech, I think they should be more clear as to what they are, exactly, protesting. I will end by saying that I refuse to refer to these protesters as missionaries. How is belittling others and appearing as bigoted hate-filled individuals going to call people to your religion? The fact that these individuals label themselves as missionaries is beyond comical.

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Want a successful commercial? Just include a “funny Indian” accent

It seems that many companies are resorting to using “funny Indian” accents to market products. I first saw this with the MetroPCS Tech and Talk commercials that showed two South Asian men discussing some of the company’s promotions. The men had thick accents and were presented as, for lack of a better description, “uncool losers.” The commercial plays on stereotypes that often desexualize South Asian men due to their accents and also use other stereotypes that paint South Asian men as “nerdy” and socially awkward. The MetroPCS commercial paints these men as being tech-savvy but lacking in other social departments as one of them later goes on to display his (lack of) dancing skills. 

Other companies have followed suit. Recently, Boss Revolution aired a commercial in which an “idiotic” South Asian man talks about his hand-injuries resulting from dialing so many pin-numbers when calling internationally. His over-exaggerated accent adds to the idea that he is somehow out of touch with technological advances and oblivious to their existence. At the end of the commercial, he is slapped by a WHITE hand, sending a message that says: Don’t be like this idiotic foreign buffoon, and make calls like a more “civilized” person… This commercial is absolutely repulsive, and in no way humorous. It plays on colonialist, “White-man’s burden” tropes and blatantly champions one racial group over another.    

Finally, a Clearwire Corporation commercial involves two South Asian male hot-dog vendors. They too, also possess, “funny” (obviously fake) South Asian accents and are also portrayed as cheap; another characteristic stereotypically attributed to South Asians. Again, Clearwire attempts to sell a product by equating their competitors to “cheap, out-of-touch” South Asian men. I really do not know if this ridiculous, bigoted tactic is successful, but it really concerns me that so many companies a resorting to playing off of racist stereotypes to sell products.

These commercials are offensive and should be spoken-out against.

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