The 90s was a decade that brought us great sports teams (i.e the Dream Team), great cartoons (i.e. Hey Arnold, Doug, the Weekenders, and the inspiration for the name of this site, Aaahh! Real monsters), and great scares (i.e. Y2K). More importantly, however, the 1990s saw the fall of the Soviet Union, resulting in unipolarity for the United States in regards to world hegemony. The U.S. was now the world’s sole super power and Communism was no longer a legitimate threat. All good, right? Well, not exactly, especially if you were Muslim. As the Soviets were no longer seen as public enemy number one for the United States, the torch was passed to Muslims, which wasn’t good news for American Muslims like me. The first Gulf War saw heightened Islamophobia in the West, which was further propagated by Samuel Huntington’s purposely polarizing book, “The Clash of Civilizations.” Five years after the publication of the book, the tragic events of 9/11 occurred, thus making me a scapegoat for nearly every United States domestic and international problem. Now, the burden has been unfairly placed on Muslims to keep apologizing for 9/11 and prove their patriotism. This means that it has been nearly impossible for Muslims to exercise their right to criticize U.S. foreign policy without appearing as enemies to the United States. This blog was created in this context and its purpose is to say: I am Muslim AND American and my voice should be heard.


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