Hey kids, shooting Arabs is FUN!!!

Everyone loves vacation getaways: relaxation, beaches, shopping, and of course KILLING ARABS. You didn’t read the last activity incorrectly. Gush Etzion in Israel has become a popular tourist spot in which tourists are given the “opportunity” to shoot at “Arab terrorists” in simulated scenarios. Kids of all ages are welcome. In fact, the younger the better. No person is too young to know that the only good Arab is a dead one! What’s more fun than killing sub-human Arab and Muslim terrorists? 

Okay, queue and end to sarcasm. This “tourist” attraction is absolutely appalling. It promotes hatred and reinforces a perceived human hierarchy that places Arabs and Muslims near the bottom of the totem pole. Don’t worry though, these kinds of “attractions” don’t promote as much hate in young girl’s hearts as do tweets made by One Direction member Zayn Malik (sorry, I guess I didn’t really queue an end to the sarcasm)! How are you pro-peace if you are pro teaching little children how to fire guns at a perceived other? Absolutely despicable. 

They should know where they come from (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky)


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One response to “Hey kids, shooting Arabs is FUN!!!

  1. EmanA

    I reallllly wish this was a joke.

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