Hey kids, Arabs suck! Don’t you ever forget.

Some proponents of conservative federal austerity measures (i.e. Ron Paul, Gary Johnson) have proposed that a good way to reduce the national debt, is to cut the department of education. Education would be handed to states or private companies. After reading about recent happenings in Philadelphia and Texas, this seems like a horrible idea. 

Earlier this year, the Texas State Board of Education made headlines by trying to eliminate key American historical figures who were often viewed as skeptics of religion from textbooks (goodbye Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin,and Thomas Paine). The Texas State Board of Education is back in the news for further trying to elevate Christianity over all other ideologies while simultaneously degrading other non-Christian movements. This is exemplified by attempts to omit violent acts committed by Christians during the crusades while emphasizing violent events in Islamic history. Furthermore, the books also blame Arabs and Muslims (presented as essentially interchangeable terms) for the violence in the Mid-East peace process. The aim of these moves is to embed Pro-Israel and Anti-Muslim sentiments through lies in the mind of young children. 

If these are the steps made to reform education, I fear the hate, ignorance, and intolerance that will be planted in the minds of future American generations. 



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3 responses to “Hey kids, Arabs suck! Don’t you ever forget.

  1. Everyone else in the room can see it
    Everyone else but you

    The way you flip around your intolerant and bigoted agenda
    Gets me overwhelmed

    It ain’t hard to tell
    You don’t know how deeply problematic you are
    That’s what you makes problematiccccc

  2. Our education system is already slacking on the global scale, and then legislatures put out this biased nonsense? Don’t they have any shame?

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