Terrorism as uniquely Muslim? Fox News analysts seem to think so

It seems like every time a shooting or bombing happens, I find myself praying “Please God, please don’t let it be a Muslim.” Most of the times I make this prayer, it comes true; so why are Muslims always the first to blame? More importantly, why is it when Muslims commit acts of violence, it is considered terrorism, but when other groups do, the word terrorist is not used? The word “terrorist” has become increasingly associated with Muslims. When people think of a terrorist, they automatically think of someone with a big beard yelling “Allahu Akbar.” This is because there seems to be a conscious effort to use the word terrorist when Muslims commit violence. This is part of an effort to not only associate terrorism with Muslims, but with Islam as a whole, perhaps to justify certain wars abroad or domestic Islamophobia,.

For example, during the terrorist attacks in Norway in 2011, the attacker,  Anders Behring Breivik, was constantly referred to as a gunmen, and not a terrorist. Although he considered himself Christian, Bill O’Reilly was quick to say that Breivik wasn’t truly Christian, and that including Breivik’s religion in news stories was part of an anti-Christian liberal agenda.O’Reilly then states, “No one believing in Jesus commits mass murder.” Has this guy ever heard of the crusades? Funny how O’Reilly quickly begins to talk about “Muslim terrorists” though instead of talking about the actual Norwegian terrorist.

It is disturbing to me that there are countless acts of terrorism that are not reported as terrorism simply because the perpetrators are not Muslim (i.e. Oklahoma city bombing (well, this was initially reported as a terrorist attack. it seems however, that it is not remembered as such, because a Muslim wasn’t involved, but a Christian fundamentalist), recent women’s health-clinic arson, anthrax scare, etc). Recently, on Fox News (lol at “news” being included in the title), Eric Bolling, co-host of “The Five” claimed that every terrorist on American soil has been Muslim. How someone can make such a ridiculous claim on national television without being fined or fired is ridiculous to me. It seems like terrorism is being advertised as a uniquely Muslim thing and that is sickening

Then again, maybe I am being harsh. Fox News has gone from declaring every Muslim is a terrorist to saying every terrorist is a Muslim. Maybe that is a step in the right direction. Maybe? I hope you sense my sarcasm.

Here is a great picture of some crazy Jihadi terrorists


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