Remembering the Akhira, doesn’t mean forgetting the Dunya

The title says it all. As Muslims, we should always be mindful of an afterlife and a meeting with God. However, this does not mean that we should completely remove ourselves from all things worldly. Looking at our Muslim tradition, even as far back as the sahaba (the companions of the Prophet (pbuh), we see that Muslims were often elite business men, unprecedented army generals, brilliant astronomers, and precise mathematicians. The Islamic message is one that has commanded Muslims to pursue knowledge and excel in this world, while also focusing on their spiritual growth. We, as Muslims, have an obligation to do both. We must give back to our communities and excel in fields that we are under-represented in. That means more Muslims in social work, in the humanities, in politics, and in entertainment. It is our duty to better life for, not only Muslims, but all of humanity. We cannot do that if we do not engage with Muslims and non-Muslims alike and assess the needs of our Muslim communities and our American communities at large.

In the Quran, God refers to humans as “khulafaa’” which can be translated to guardians, protectors, and witnesses of Earth. Let us keep this duty in mind and no longer turn a blind eye to various injustices we may encounter in the world or in our own communities.  


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One response to “Remembering the Akhira, doesn’t mean forgetting the Dunya

  1. Noor Ain

    Tareq!! i really like this peice a lot. You have raised some very valid points especially the fact that in order for muslims to better give back to thieir commmunity and spread good in the world we must spread our skills/passions/ and experiences out a bit especially from the science and math areas. Though I am not in any way degrading that path but we have a problem as a community of making it the only path in life or making that the only thing they work for in life and disregarding any passions or social justice issues in the community. iA may Allah give us all the strengh to understand our purpose in this world, and give us the chance to impact the communities we live in and beyond either through our careers, or through our actions, or even words.

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